Foreign employers who desire to hire Filipino workers through Golden Legacy Jobmovers Corporation need to accomplish the following documents:

  • Special Power of Attorney, an authorization for Golden Legacy Jobmovers Corporation to do or perform certain acts on behalf of the principal/employer.
  • Manpower Request, a document that lists the principal/employer’s manpower requirements, indicating the position, salaries, workplace, and other terms of employment the principal/employer offers for the workers they need.
  • Master Employment Contract, the basic document that covers the terms of employment of overseas Filipino workers.  This contract contains the minimum provisions of employment such as wages, working hours, worker benefits, etc.
  • Business License, refers to the principal/employer’s business registration certificate, authority, or permit to conduct business or equivalent document issued by the government authorities in the principal/employer’s country.

When signed by the employer’s authorized officials, the above documents must be submitted for verification to the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment Office (DOLE) eares the employer’s worksite. After verification, the documents shall be submitted to the Philippine Overseaes Employment Administration (POEA) for accreditation.

Downloadable Forms:

Recruitment Agreement

Special Power of Attorney

Contingency Plan

Standard Employee Contract with Addendum with Arabic translation

English Employment Contract

Sample Job Order